What is a Zomet themed Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

Are you looking for a unique technology-based bar or bat mitzvah project that is fun and rewarding?

Are your kids interested in innovation, engineering, design and technology? Do they love new challenges?

Zomet, the Gush-based high-tech Institute which specializes in creating technology designed to meet halacha, has just launched a special technology workshop, ideal for inquisitive kids.

This is the perfect project to transition your child into Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  It unlocks the secrets to using everyday technologies in a halachically-accepted way, showcasing how innovation and engineering are used to enhance a modern religious lifestyle….and your child plays an important role!

Your Zomet-themed Bar/Bat Mitzvah workshop is tailored to your group.  So, whether you’re planning a multi-generational family celebration, or a special activity for your child’s friends, Zomet will ensure that your event is pitched just right.

During the workshop you will build a small-scale, fully-functioning Shabbat elevator from lego!

If your party includes younger children, Zomet will arrange a separate, age-appropriate activity for them, where they will learn how build batteries.

The event

Your visit will start with a free guided-tour, in either Hebrew or English, of the Zomet Experience, the Institute’s fantastic hands on visitors center led by a Zomet engineer followed by a two-hour, hands-on tech workshop.


Using computer programming and electronic components, Zomet’s engineers will introduce your kids to Arduino development tools which are used to operate many of Zomet’s adapted innovations.

The workshop is divided into two parts.  You’ll start by learning the halacha relating to the use of electricity on Shabbat.  The Zomet team will then introduce you to the basics of electric circuits, command techniques and how to build sensors, engines and bells.  Then comes your introduction to computer programming, when you will learn to write the code to give the commands to the different components. All of these incredible activities are geared towards inquisitive kids and teens.


During the workshop you will learn:

  • What is captive current change?
  • What is it used for?
  • How to use programming to amplify sounds and dim lights?
  • How to program a “Shabbat command” ?

At the end of the workshop you will apply your knew-found knowledge and construct a scaled-down, model Shabbat elevator!

A Zomet-themed Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a truly unique experience, combining innovation, technology and teamwork.


What a meaningful way to celebrate a special occasion and to bring the theory to life.

This special workshop is also available to schools.

Workshops cost between 1,800 NIS – 3,000 NIS (depending on the number of participants).  There’s a 5% discount for all bookings through Fun In Jerusalem, so be sure to mention us!

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