5 Reasons To Take A Family Scavenger Hunt This Summer

Five GREAT reasons why you should do a ScaVenture scavenger hunt with your family this summer…in Israel or abroad!

Whether you’re looking for a solution for those long August vacation days, if you’re planning a family get-together, or if it’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah season for you – here are some great reasons to choose a scavenger hunt to entertain your family.

1. Get everyone out and about in the fresh air!

Let’s face it, we have all spent too much time indoors this past year and a half. It is time to get out into the fresh air.  Whether you want to do a ScaVenture in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or Tzfat – ScaVentures will get the family out and about discovering the secrets of a new location. Choose whether you want to explore the ancient alleys of the old city, the vibrant booths in the Shuk, or the colorful streets of Tzfat – you’ll discover streets and stories that are fun and fascinating and a complete change from the scenery (or should we say screenery) at home.

2. Don’t tell the kids…. ScaVentures are educational!!

We know, the older kids will roll their eyes at this – they don’t need to know that on a ScaVenture they will engage with the amazing stories of the history of Israel’s alleys, streets and markets, the story of the inspiring people and remarkable events. We promise you; they will be so busy having fun completing missions, finding photos and taking team selfies that they won’t even realize how much they are learning!

3. There is no “I” in teamwork!

When you play a ScaVenture, each family member is important – you’ll need a team detective, navigator, note keeper and more. From the youngest participant to the oldest participant, you’ll be collaborating to solve missions and reach the final station.

Did you know? If you are in the States, the UK or anywhere else in the world, you can play a ScaVenture too! ScaVentures are great for connecting families, for school kids, youth movements, camps, Hebrew school and more! Tell us about your group so we can see how we can provide a taste of Israel and a fun activity!

4. Making memorable moments!

ScaVentures are not just a way to keep your kids occupied, they create memorable and bonding moments with your family, and you’ll be talking about your ScaVentures for ages afterwards!

5. There’s a ScaVenture just for you!

  • If you are looking for a tour game with friends or with the extended family – the classic ScaVenture is for you.
  • If you’re looking for a low-key activity for just the immediate family at your own time and pace – the ScaVentures City Dash is what you want.
  • If you’re looking to customize a game for a special occasion – we can do that for you too.
  • If you’re reading this from outside Israel, and you wish you were here… you can play on online ScaVentures with friends and family WHEREVER they are in the world!

ScaVentures options depend on the size of your group

For 5-7 people – City Dash Mobile App is for you:

You can play the ScaVentures City Dash in Nachlaot (Jerusalem) or Neve Zedek (Tel Aviv) or  Tzfat (or if you can’t leave your house, you can even play the online ScaVentures City Dash). A small group ScaVentures City Dash costs 250 NIS.

For bigger groups – Classic Scaventure is for you:

You can play a classic ScaVenture in the Old City, Nachlaot, Yemin Moshe, the Shuk, Neve Zedek, Jaffa and Tzfat. This costs 1420 NIS for up to 15 participants, 1970 NIS for up to 25 participants, 2200 NIS for up to 35 participants.

For customized ScaVentures, tell them about your occasion so they can help you plan the perfect event almost anywhere in the world!

Start your adventure now…contact Israel Scaventures to find the right activity for you.

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