NEW Dead Sea Boat Excursions

Noam Bedein is a photojournalist who’s made it his mission this year to access the wonders of the Dead Sea to the public through innovative ecotourism. On March 5, 2023 he’s launching new Dead Sea boat excursion packages to the Northern Dead Sea, including entry to the Neve Midbar beach resort, just a 50 minute drive from Jerusalem.

Noam fell in love with and rediscovered the Dead Sea on private boat tours back in 2016. Since then he’s returned countless times to document the ever-changing landscape with his cameras, capturing the combination of environmental drama and the immense beauty of the lowest place in the world.

In 2017 he founded The Dead Sea Revival Project to share the story of the Dead Sea internationally, through eco-educational activities and the promotion of regional water diplomacy.


Today, 98% of the remaining northern Dead Sea is no longer accessible to the public. The Mineral and Ein Gedi beaches were closed because of the drop in the water level, and along its shores over 7,000 sinkholes have appeared and about 700 new ones are discovered every year.

Noam wants to re-introduce the public to our national water treasure, with daily boat excursions.

To do that, he needs to purchase a special craft that will take passengers to parts of the Dead Sea only accessible by boat.

He’s pre-selling a limited number of boat excursions at a 40% discount now, through the end of February.  Fun In Jerusalem readers that purchase tickets will receive a voucher, valid through 2023 (not including chagim).   You can book your tour for later in the year, directly with him.

More More about the Ecotour

  • Great for individuals and groups
  • Up to 14 people per tour
  • Suitable for all ages
  • One & two hour excursions

VIP Dead Sea Adventurer – 3960 NIS: Up to 14 of your family & friends for a two-hour private boat excursion, guided by Noam.
Dead Sea Adventurer: 2920 NIS: Up to 14 of your family & friends for a two-hour private boat excursion.
Dead Sea Explorer – 1440 NIS: Up to 14 of your family & friends for a one-hour private boat excursion.
Dead Sea Explorer for couples – 270 NIS: Invite a partner for a one-hour boat tour.
Dead Sea Explorer & Transport – 252 NIS: Minivan shuttle from the Abraham Hostel (Tel Aviv or Jerusalem) + a one-hour boat tour.
Dead Sea Explorer – 144 NIS: Join a one-hour boat tour.
Dead Sea Trustee – 54 NIS:  Join Noam’s mailing list and recevie a 10% discount on your first Dead Sea boat tour.


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