Spectacular Sukkot at Jerusalem’s Alrov Hotels

Sukkot is amongst the most joyful holidays in the Jewish calendar, and few others mark the occasion in as grand a fashion as David Citadel Hotel and Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem.

In keeping with annual tradition, David Citadel Hotel and Mamilla Hotel, guests staying at the hotels can reserve holiday dinners in one of five unique “Sukkot”.  The meticulously designed sukkahs will be spread around the hotels and rooftops, each inspired by a different aspect of Jerusalem’s charm and names.

Moreover, guests will relish meticulous and pampering rooms and suites, indulge in a splendid culinary experience, partake in special holiday activities including guided tours of Jerusalem, enjoy an extraordinary playhouse, and explore various other attractions suitable for the entire family.

This holiday season, you are cordially invited to immerse yourself in an elegant and enchanting atmosphere, and collectively celebrate the captivating story of Jerusalem.

The five Sukkot available for reservations are:

The David Citadel Hotel

    • the vibrant ‘Eden,’ located on the edge of the pool with a magical terrace offering an exciting view of the city walls
    • ‘City of David’ & ‘Jerusalem of Gold’ both on the hotel’s rooftop, providing a panoramic view of the city.

Mamilla Hotel

  • ‘Yeffe Nof,’ adorned with silver elegance, situated at the rooftop restaurant capturing the city’s beauty
  • ‘The center of the earth’ at the HAPPY FISH restaurant, serves as a meeting point between the past and the present, bridging the lively boulevard and the preserved architectural masterpiece.

Tourists and locals are invited to book reservations over chol hamoed at  Veranda and Happy Fish in advance and enjoy the special themed Sukkot. You’ll need to prebook.

Veranda at the David Citadel Hotel is a fabulous chef’s restaurant. If you are looking for a delicious and unique place to go out for dinner in Jerusalem this is it! The meat is Rav Rubin and it’s Shmitta LeChumra. Reservations can be made on Sunday, October 1 – Thursday, October 5 between 6pm-10.30pm.  Book here.

Mamilla’s Happy Fish restaurant a fresh-fish and pasta gourmet chef restaurant, using the city’s freshest produce.  Seasonal fish include Barramundi, Sea bream, Salmon, Red drum, Sea bass & Bass. Enjoy a magnificent meal with your family on the Mediterranean terrace above the Mamilla Avenue.  It’s open for lunch and dinner. Reservations can be made for Sunday October 1 between 5pm-11pm and on Monday – Thursday, October 2-5, from 12 noon to 11pm. Book here.

The sukka at Happy Fish 


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