Spectacular Sukkot at Jerusalem’s Alrov Hotels

Sukkot is amongst the most joyful holidays in the Jewish calendar, and few others mark the occasion in as grand a fashion as David Citadel Hotel and Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem.

In keeping with annual tradition, David Citadel Hotel and Mamilla Hotel, guests staying at the hotels can reserve holiday dinners in one of five unique “Sukkot” inspired by Biblical themes for the week-long celebration from October 9 to October 16.

This year, the five communal Sukkot across both hotels have been designed around Biblical themes, the book of Genesis and the start of the monarchy in ancient Israel. The five Sukkot available for reservations are:

  • Underneath the stars and facing the breathtaking view of the Old City of Jerusalem, David Citadel Hotel will create a Sukkah under the theme “And it was darkness and it was light”.
  • A family-friendly “Noah’s Ark themed sukkah
  • A luxurious sukkah inspired by “King Solomon’s Palace” and an age of Biblical abundance at the David Citadel Hotel terrace.
  • At Mamilla Hotel’s Happy Fish Restaurant, a Sukkah-themed “In the beginning, God created Heaven and Earth.”
  • A musical David’s Harp-themed Sukkah at the Mamilla Hotel Rooftop Restaurant.

Tourists and locals are invited to book reservations over chol hamoed at  Veranda and Happy Fish in advance and enjoy the special themed Sukkot. You’ll need to prebook.

Veranda at the David Citadel Hotel is a delicious chef’s restaurant. If you are looking for a delicious and unique place to go out for dinner in Jerusalem this is it! The meat is Rav Rubin and it’s Shmitta LeChumra. Reservations can be made on Tuesday and Wednesday October 11 and 12 between 6pm-10.30pm and on Thursday October 13, from 6pm-11.30pm.  Book here.

Mamilla’s Happy Fish restaurant a fresh-fish and pasta gourmet chef restaurant, using the city’s freshest produce.  Seasonal fish include Barramundi, Sea bream, Salmon, Red drum, Sea bass & Bass. Enjoy a magnificent meal with your family on the Mediterranean terrace above the Mamilla Avenue.  It’s open for lunch and dinner. Reservations can be made for Tuesday October 11 between 6pm-11pm and on Wednesday and Thursday October 12 and 13, from 12 noon to 11pm. Book here.

The sukka at Happy Fish 


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