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How does the Start Up Nation instill the love of technology in its children? By making technology fun and integrating it into summer programs – video making, coding, photography, animation and so much more.  The summer is not that far away. Hear Dotan Tamir talk about his amazing technology camp in our interview on BITE SIZE with Yoni Pollak.

Listen to the Interview – 

Here are some of the “Interview Highlights”

  • Dotan founded the camp because he himself was exposed to the amazing sleep-away camp experience in America and recognized that it was missing here in Israel.
  • His goal was to teach technology and innovation to kids in a fun camp setting and therefore founded this camp 11 years ago.
  • Kids from Israel and around the world come to the camp (USA, Canada, France, Turkey, Asia etc.)
  • This camp is a great place for kids who are interested in technology, innovation and creativity. Its a place where they will learn and create in a fun atmosphere – guided by experienced counselors!
  • Workshop Topics include: Computers, robotics, website design, game and application development, Photography, video, graphics, animation, special effects, DJ and 3D printing, jewelry, fashion design, building drones, video editing, DIY electronics, Hiphop & Breakdance.
  • In each workshop they spend time learning skills and then they create a project based on what they have learned.
  • The counselors are all skilled and talented in their workshop specialty. The camp also brings in “famous talent” for example into the YouTube workshop they have brought famous Israeli YouTubers to share their knowledge and experience.
  • In addition to the time kids spend on their workshop projects, kids also spend a lot of the day outdoors in the swimming pools and on the sports fields.
  • The BIG IDEA camp is located in Northern Israel near Zichron Yaakov in Emek Hefer on a beautiful campus.
  • Because kids come from all over the world, it gives all the kids a wonderful experience getting to know kids from other cultures etc.
  • Language: The main language spoken in camp is English but kids will hear a mixture of languages including Hebrew.
  • Shabbat is kept in the camp. Kids from all different religious backgrounds come and can choose the level of Shabbat they want to keep.
  • The camp is fully Kosher.
  • The camp is Co-ed but the sleeping accommodations are separate.
  • Big Idea camps have been so successful that people in America have asked Dotan to open up Israeli inspired technology day camps in America.
  • Big Idea is in partnership with JCCs in Tenafly, Chicago and Maryland and they work together with counselors from Israel and America to create the Israel innovation experience in America including some of the workshops done in the Israel camps.
  • This summer there will be day camps in the JCCs in Tenafly, New Jersey – Chicago and Rockville, Maryland

Dotan is coming to America to spread the word about Big Idea Camps!!

There will be info sessions on the East and West Coast.


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