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Hear Yigal Grayeff talk about the “Lenagen Bekef” music studio & classes and all the exciting music opportunities in Jerusalem in our interview on BITE SIZE with Yoni Pollak.

Listen to the Interview – 

Here are some of the “Interview Highlights”

About Lenagen Bekef

  • Lenagen Bekef offers private lessons in a variety of instruments including guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums, saxophone, clarinet, voice development and aud (a Middle Eastern string instrument, shaped like a guitar).
  • There is a recording studio on the premise.
  • Their “Band Program” facilitates different musicians to come together to form a band. Under the guidance of a madrich, kids learn about the development of music and of a band. Together they create an original song or cover song. The group learns the art listening to each other and other group skills.
  • Tourists can schedule private lessons, practice sessions, family band lessons or Band Program sessions (in the summer, 2 week “Band Program” sessions are available).
  • Lenagen Bekef is located near the Shuk: 97 Yafo St. (across from Davidka Sq)

Lenagen Bekef’s Gives Back to the Community

  • “Chalonot” (windows) and “Amitim” (friends) are 2 organizations run by the Health Ministry providing help for people with Mental Health issues. These organizations send people to Lenagen Bekef as part of their rehabilitation.
  • Many people have come to Lenagen Bekef and “found themselves” thru the music that they played.
  • Yigal is also involved with Lone Soldiers, that have no parent support. Lenagen Bekef gives these soldiers support while also giving them an opportunity to connect with music.

About the Jerusalem Music Scene

  • The Jerusalem Municipality offers free concerts.
  • Kikar HaMusica (Music Square) – is a square that has 4-5 restaurants that have live music playing nightly – and in the summer there is music playing in the square.
  • Jerusalem Theater and the Khan Theater always have a variety of concerts.
  • Many Lenagen Bekef students have put on free concerts at the studio. You can find out more about these concerts of other happenings on their Facebook page or email [email protected]



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