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Debbie Kandel, Jerusalem Foodie, talks to us about the newest Jerusalem restaurants on BITE SIZE with Yoni Pollak.

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Here are some of the “Interview Highlights”

  • Debbie founded and runs the Facebook groups “Restaurant Club Jerusalem” and “Restaurant Club Israel
  • She started with a blog for friends who were always asking her for restaurant recommendations, eventually that grew into her successfull Facebook group which created a community of people interested in food in Jerusalem. It has become one of the most popular food groups where readers can also share their experiences.
  • The Facebook group started with 30 people in 2011 and now has over 3,500!
  • The first group she started was called “Restaurant Club Jerusalem“. Later she expanded and created another group “Restaurant Club Israel” – for people interested in restaurants outside Jerusalem.
  • The Facebook groups are a place for people to ask for recommendations, or give their own feedback about a certain restaurant, post pics. People ask for recommendations for all kinds venues, for example for places that are kid-friendly or vegan or dairy or gluten-free etc.
  • Debbie also writes a blog and her most popular post to date is ‘Top Ten Kosher Restaurants in Israel‘. Take a look and see how many of them you have been to.

Debbie’s Favorites:

  • Machane Yehuda (Shuk) area at night is the newest “IT” place. Tour the area and you will find fun people and great food options! From Argentinian food to Venezuelan to Middle Eastern, to Turkish, to Georgian food – there is something for everyone’s taste!
    • Memphis – an American style burger place on Agripas is highly recommended. NEW!
    • Harvey Smoke House – smoked food is the new in thing! It’s located at the former Gabriel’s restaurant. NEW!
    • Jacko’s Street – Debbie’s favorite restaurant in Jerusalem! Meat restaurant.
  • Scala – located at the David Citadel hotel. Re-opened with a brand new theme and Mediterranean menu. Look out for Debbie’s latest post on this.
  • Waffle Factory – A favorite for families visiting Israel. There are several locations in Jerusalem – Emek Refaim & Cinema City. On Pesach their kitniyot waffles are delicious and highly recommended (although recommended to make reservations in advance)! For kids, the cinema city location is excellent, even if you are not going to a movie. There is lots of parking, plenty of kids activities going on.
  • If you are looking for a great restaurant in the North – only open on Thursday nights – Gillis – has high quality yummy meat! It is run by a local butcher and the food is FRESH. Kid friendly too!
  • Sarona Market Tel Aviv – is a happening restaurant area in Tel Aviv with a limited amount of Kosher restaurants but there are a few kosher ones without a hechsher. There are nice parks in the area with ample parking as well. Debbie recommends – Kitchen by Greg – meat, kid friendly restaurant. Debbie constantly updates her blog about the restaurant scene in Sarona.

Join Debbie’s Blog or Facebook page or Facebook groups – “Restaurant Club Jerusalem” and “Restaurant Club Israel” to keep up to date on the latest “foodie” news in Jerusalem.

Have some of your own recommendations? Mention your favorite place in the comments below…

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