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The Yvel Jewelry factory is a great place for families to visit. Hear about the fascinating history behind the Yvel Jewelry Company by its founder Issac Levy on BITE SIZE with Yoni Pollak.

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Here are some of the “Interview Highlights”

  • 30 years ago, while looking for a career, Orna, Issac’s newly married wife, taught him the one skill she had – beading pearls. Issac was fascinated by it and began to learn about the world of pearls. From there began the origins of Yvel Jewelry.
  • Orna and Isaac continued to string pearls and eventually the company grew. Today the Yvel Design Center is based in an old beautiful winery just off route 1 in Motsa.
  • Isaac describes his company as a “Zionist Project” and his workers as partners. The company supports over 120 local families
  • Yvel Jewelry is sold all over the world.
  • Yvel Jewelry can be found on many famous celebrities.
  • At the beginning the name of the jewelry was “Issac Levy Jewelry” – but later it was changed to Yvel (which is the name “Levy” backwards) to allow them to sell all over the world including Arab countries.
  • Based on Issac’s own experience as a new immigrant from Argentina, he knew he wanted to do something that would help new immigrants feel more embraced by Israeli society.
  • In the first stage – he hired Jewish new immigrants from 22 different countries to work at the factory.
  • In the second stage, Issac and Orna opened up the Megemaria school dedicated to the Ethiopian community.
  • At the school, the students learn the jewelry trade as well as other important subjects (Hebrew, math etc.) while receiving a monthly stipend.
  • The school has about 21 students per year and they are part owners in the business.
  • The jewelry created at the Megemaria school is imbued with the Ethiopian culture, which makes each piece beautiful and authentic. The jewelry can be bought at the Yvel factory store and the prices range from $50-$200.
  • On the tour you will see videos about the history of the factory and jewelry making, and have the opportunity to see the students working hands-on at Megemaria school.
  • The factory is only 10 minute drive from Jerusalem.
  • Visitors can also enjoy a wine tasting and/or tour at the 160 yr. old winery on the premise.

Book a Tour

Tours are FREE for tourists and 25 NIS for locals and must be booked in advance. Tours can be given in English, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, Italian, French.


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