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The summer is not that far away. Hear Tamir Goodman talk about his amazing summer basketball camp on BITE SIZE with Yoni Pollak.

Listen to the 2020 Interview

Listen to the 2019 Interview – 

Here are some of the “Interview Highlights”

  • Tamir will be running a special Basketball Camp for boys ages 13yrs.-17yrs.
  • Camp dates: July 3-July 23, 2018
  • Incredible opportunity to play against Pro Israeli players and other players from all over the world. Learn from some of the top coaches from Israel.
  • Boys will benefit from individual attention because of the small group size of only 30 boys in the camp.
  • Tamir was raised by a family and coach that taught him to work hard and  “not to settle”.
  • Boys will learn from Tamir that just because you are Jewish, doesnt mean you need to settle for less in your basketball career. That being Jewish means you have the guidelines for living out a meaningful, happy life – a life that can include basketball on a serious level.
  • Camp is based in Jerusalem at a newly renovated gym.
  • Boys will be able to take advantage of the opportunity of being in Jerusalem – where they can connect to both the physical and spiritual parts of the city. They will have days that they will train and play basketball all day and then at night take a walk thru the beautiful streets of Jerusalem while learning about its history.
  • Boys will volunteer at numerous Jerusalem charities: Shalva, Ichud Hatzala, etc.
  • Boys will also participate in a First Aid Training Workshop.
  • Beautiful Shabbatot in Jerusalem will include amazing speakers, davening at the Kotel Friday nights and more…
  • Tourists boys and local (Israeli) boys participate in the camp (although geared for Tourists boys). Last year boys came from Australia, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New York and Israel.
  • At the camp, there is also opportunities for kids that are interested in the Sports Marketing field – building basketball camps, learning about professional basketball etc.

About Tamir

  • Tamir recently developed a product called “Zone 190” which is being used by top players all over the world on a daily basis.
  • He is a consultant for professional players and teams from all over.
  • He is currently the head of international development for Hapoel Jerusalem.
  • Tamir is available for speaking engagements for family events, bar/bat mitzvah parties etc.
  • Tamir runs family basketball workshops! Great activity for tourists visiting!! Can be combined with special interests of the family (ex. terror victims, Kids from Shalva). Contact Tamir for details. [email protected]

About Hapoel Jerusalem Games

  • Going to a Hapoel Jerusalem basketball game is a GREAT family activities for locals and Tourists!!
  • Fans enjoy the powerful excitement and energy in the stadium (lots more energy then your typical NBA game)!!
  • Tickets can be bought about 2 weeks before the scheduled games.

Contact Tamir for this year’s camp dates.

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