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What is Impact Philanthropy?

Listen to my interview with Rose Ginosar, head of International Development at the Tower of David as she explains how she works together with donors to create specific programs with their donations that IMPACT Jerusalem.

Rose has seen philanthropy change over the years. In the past donors made a donation to a specific organization and then left it to that organization to use the donation as they saw fit.

Today philanthropy is more organic. Donors have a vision for what type of IMPACT they want to make on a specific population. At the Tower of David this past Sukkot, the Martin & Susan Sanders Foundation wanted to do something special in Jerusalem and wanted to take their passion for classical music and bring that passion to the public and specifically to kids.

When Rose began speaking to Martin & Susan she made sure that they were brought into the beginning stages of planning process for a Sukkot Festival. With their input and the experienced staff at the Tower of David the “Band’s Visit” festival came to life.

An evening concert in the courtyard of the ancient Citadel and musical workshops making classical music accessible to the public – tourists and locals, thanks to the Jerusalem Street Orchestra.

Hear more about the event and the philanthropic process that made it a huge success.

How does Rose define IMPACT Philanthropy?

A donor with a vision, whose ideas lead to a project that helps promote the museum.  It’s a partnership that is a real WIN WIN. The donor gives to a cause close to his/her heart and the museum uses it for something vital for the museum and the community while elevating the mission of the museum.

The Tower of David strives to make an impact on the cultural life of the city within and outside the walls of the Old City.

Looking to make an impact in Jerusalem?

Contact Rose to hear about all the future opportunities at the Tower of David.

This interview aired on BITE SIZE with Yoni Pollak on the Nachum Segal Network.

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