Meital Weiss & the 20th Alyn Wheels of Love Bike Ride – BITE SIZE

The 20th Annual Wheel of Love Bike Ride begins the week of November 10th.

Wheels of Love supports the Alyn Rehabilitation hospital in Jerusalem which offers advanced rehab services to children with disabilities.

Riders come from all around the world to support this great cause, and the patients ride along in hand bikes or tandem bikes.

I interviewed Atara Weiss whose daughter Meital will be riding this year. Meital is a hand bike champion and a patient at Alyn. At 10 months, doctors discovered a tumor on her spine that left her paralyzed from the waist down. After a recent surgery and intensive therapy at the hospital, Meital’s therapist suggested she join the SWIFT and BOLD Bike group at Alyn. This year will be her third Wheels of Love ride and a special one – it is also her Bat Mitzvah next month.

Listen to the podcast below…

The general public is invited to come and cheer the riders on as they finish the ride and enter the Alyn Hospital. Thursday Nov 14th at 2pm. (Expect road closures so come early).

Donate to Alyn

This podcast originally aired on the Nachum Segal Network show BITE SIZE with Yoni Pollak

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