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Jerusalem is both beautiful and awe-inspiring but in the summer, it can also get extremely hot. Unlike Tel Aviv, there are no beaches to escape to. And while hotel pools are cool and fun, sometimes a change of scenery is necessary. That’s why we are excited to tell you about the City of David activities this summer.

What if you could combine ancient Jerusalem’s history with a cool place that the kids can splash around in? The City of David offers both! One of the site’s many tour options includes the Hizkiyahu Water Tunnels, a series of tunnels used in ancient Jerusalem to bring water to the Temple.

On this 2.5 hour tour, your family can walk through tunnels where water has flowed since the time of the prophets. The tour includes both dry and wet paths, but it is recommended for kids 5 and up. The water can come up the waist of a 5 year old. Bring a flashlight and some water shoes and get ready to splash through ancient history!

During the summer months, a guided tour starts every 20 minutes. Doing this tunnel tour with a trained City of David guide is highly recommended to understand the full story and historical significance of the tunnels.

FIJ TIP: Make sure to take a locker at the top for your dry clothes and take 5NIS per person for the return shuttle from the Shiloah back to the entrance of City of David.
Photo Credit: City of David Archive, Photo by Eliyahu Yanai

The City of David offers a wide range of tours and activities. It is located right outside the Dung Gate (take a left and then your first right) and can also be accessed via the Old City Shuttle vans that leave from First Station every 20 minutes. The tours introduce you to walls, tunnels and archeological sites from our nation’s earliest history.

King David chose this area to be the site of the Temple and the ancient Jewish city. Why did he choose it to be the capital of Judea? Come and learn!

Hear our interview with Mimi Laufer the Marketing Director at City of David on BITE SIZE with Yoni Pollack.

City of David Activities
From the artifact-sifting project in Emek Tzurim to the Second Temple excavation tours to Segway tours along the Armon HaNetziv promenade, overlooking the Old City – there are so many ways to experience ancient Jerusalem this summer.

Take a walk in the Kidron Valley and see Absalom’s Pillar – our own little version of Petra. During the summer there will be special theatrical performances here (you can find them listed on our FIJ calendar).

After you’ve splashed, sifted, Segway-ed and walked through ancient Second Temple trails, sit back and experience the new Hallelujah Night Show. This unique 3-D light show is displayed on the Old City walls and tells the story of our return to rebuild ancient Jerusalem. It is a thrilling, outdoor cinematic experience projected onto the ancient ruins in the actual site where this story unfolded.

Halleluyah Show Times: The show lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes and there are 3 shows a night: 8:15 pm, 9:00pm and 9:45 pm. It is a truly inspiring way to end a fun-packed day. The Old City Shuttle leaves just after each show. BOOK TICKETS

The City of David Gift Shop
Known for its unique jewelry and souvenirs based on ancient artifacts found in the City of David, this gift shop should not be missed. It is located at the entrance to the City fo David.

The City of David attracts over 500,000 people over the summer months. Some tours you need to book in advance and some you can join on the spot.

Find out more about the many City of David activities taking place this summer by contacting City of David or calling *6630 from an Israeli phone.


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