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ALYN Wheels of Love Bike Ride – BITE SIZE

October 24, 2018

Meet Chain Wizman Director Of Special Activities at the ALYN Hospital in Jerusalem who will speak about the upcoming “Wheels of Love” Bike Ride.  Recorded for BITE SIZE with Yoni Pollak. Listen to the Interview –  About the “Wheels of Love” Bike Ride This year’s “Wheels of Love” bike ride will take place from Oct 28...

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Emek 25 – BITE SIZE

October 18, 2018

Meet Avi Dov Bernstein, founder of Emek 25, one of Jerusalem’s newest event spaces as well as Zoom Thru Jerusalem – a new age way to tour the streets in Jerusalem.  Recorded for BITE SIZE with Yoni Pollak. Listen to the Interview –    Here are some of the “Interview Highlights” Avidov has been in the...

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Hershele Gallery at First Station – BITE SIZE

October 11, 2018

Meet Zvi Gleish, owner of the Hershele Fine Art and Judaica Gallery, one of the newest and most beautiful art galleries in Jerusalem at the First Station in Jerusalem.  Recorded for BITE SIZE with Yoni Pollak. Listen to the Interview –  Here are some of the “Interview Highlights” While working for an art gallery in Tzfat,...

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Do you know your RISK tolerance level? TEST IT

August 13, 2018

Do you know your RISK tolerance level? TEST it this summer at the Bloomfield Science Museum Life is full of risks – some bigger and some smaller. Do you even realize that your brain makes a risk assessment each time you choose to do something? It could be as simple as when to cross the...

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You had me at Merlot…Winery Tours In/Near Jerusalem

July 15, 2018

Winery Tours & Tastings have become a very popular activity request for tourists visiting Israel and the Jerusalem area has some great choices. The regions surrounding Jerusalem have proven to be the perfect environment for producing world class wines. The elevation, warm days, cool nights, fertile ground and sufficient rainfall have created the perfect combination...

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Jerusalem Vacation Travel Tips & Services

July 9, 2018

The weather is heating up, cafés and restaurants are buzzing, and there is a feeling of excitement in the air. It can only mean one thing. Summer is here. You’ve planned your trip, packed your bags and now it’s time for us to greet you in Jerusalem. Being a tourist can sometimes be tricky. You...

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What To Expect in Jerusalem This Summer? MUSEUM Exhibits

June 21, 2018

Did you know that Jerusalem has more museums than any other Israeli city? During the summer the museums in Jerusalem go all out and host new exhibits with interactive workshops, tours and activities. Fun In Jerusalem loves to inspire families to visit the local Jerusalem museums. Here is a list of the current exhibits and the...

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What Connects the Tower of David to London? – BITE SIZE

June 20, 2018

What defines a city’s culture? Who influences the way that culture is promoted in the city? What is the connection between London and Jerusalem? At the new Tower of David exhibit “London in Jerusalem” you will learn how the period of the British Mandate from 1917 -1948 had a strong cultural influence on the growth of...

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Jerusalem Bird Observatory – BITE SIZE

June 20, 2018

The Jerusalem Bird Observatory plays an important role in Jerusalem’s urban nature preservation. Hear about their summer activities, bird ringing workshops and more when we interview the Director. Too busy to read? Just click the play button to listen to our BITE SIZE interview with Alen Kacal the Director at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory on BITE...

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