Ropes Course Birthday Party

My son was invited to a Ropes Course birthday party in Park Gilo. He was only 8, so I thought to myself what could he possibly do there. The positive vibe was in the air from the moment we arrived. The kids were running between activities like kids in a candy store. From the rope ladder to the skyswing and then back to the acrobatic rope walking. I was most amazed at how the guides were able to keep the kids attention, keep them safe and make them all feel part of the activity.

As one kid got hoisted up on to the sky swing the other kids stood below holding on to the ropes to help hoist him up. You could really see the teamwork as they all held the rope connected to the birthday boy’s harness, as he walked across the tight rope.  It was fun for each individual kid while at the same time being fun and challenging the group to work as a team.

The highlight of the event was at the end when the entire group sang Happy Birthday in Hebrew and English as the birthday boy swung from the sky swing. It is a new spin on the “pick the birthday boy/girl up in a chair” custom.

As you can imagine when we left the party all my son could say was … “Can I have a ropes course birthday party too?”

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