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Meet Chain Wizman Director Of Special Activities at the ALYN Hospital in Jerusalem who will speak about the upcoming “Wheels of Love” Bike Ride.  Recorded for BITE SIZE with Yoni Pollak.

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About the “Wheels of Love” Bike Ride

  • This year’s “Wheels of Love” bike ride will take place from Oct 28 – Nov 1 across Israel and starting in the South of Israel.
  • About 400 riders, from 16 different countries, will spend 5 days riding to raise money for the ALYN hospital.
  • This bike ride (not race) has various tracks one can choose from including on-road, off-road, off-road challenging, hiking, tourist. There is something for everyone.
  • This fund raising event allows a person to challenge themselves physically while doing this tremendous mitzvah of raising money for the children at the ALYN hospital. It’s truly an amazing event that brings together so many people through such a powerful shared physical and emotional experience.
  • The money raised from the bike ride covers more then half the private hospital’s operational funds.
  • Last year the bike ride raised about 2.9 million dollars. This year the goal is to raise 3.5 million dollars.

About the ALYN Hospital

  • ALYN, the only facility of its kind in Israel, is a pediatric rehabilitation hospital.
  • The hospital is privately run, meaning it does not receive any government money and is therefore completely dependent on donations.
  • Kupat Cholim money covers basic treatment, but in almost all cases, it not sufficient enough for the actual treatment needs of the patient. At ALYN the needs of the child/patient come first, therefore the child will receive whatever treatment is necessary and the hospital will find the means to fund it (which is why donations and fundraising programs like “Wheels of Love” is so important).
  • The ALYN hospital treats both people with congenital diseases and people with acquired diseases or terror attack victims.
  • It helps rehabilitate patients with severe physical limitations, who couldn’t be helped in any other facility in the country – through their unique and forward thinking methods.
  • ALYN treatments defy all conventional wisdom and methods. For example, a child was told that because of their physical disability, they will only achieve till “x” in life, but after 3 years of rehab at ALYN that child has achieved “Y”! The treatment helps each person to achieve their maximum independence.
  • One of the most amazing and inspiring programs at ALYN is where current patients at ALYN train to ride portions of the bike ride! Some ride on independent bikes, some on tandems. And many of them have been trained to compete with the competitive riders!
  • Another awesome aspect of the ALYN hospital is the coexistence between Jews and Arabs. People from all cultures and religions are treated together at the hospital.

How to get involved

  • You can donate via the ALYN website –
  • Galgalim – you can join hundreds of riders who ride a 1-day portions of the ride. Sign up on the website
  • Come to cheer the riders , in an emotional experience, as they arrive at the hospital for their finale, on the last day of the ride. Come to the hospital at 2:30pm on Thursday, November 1, 2018. I recommend taking a taxi because parking is difficult. FIJ Tip: I think this is a very worthwhile experience to bring your kids to, I would even say that its worth taking them out of school! It teaches kids about real life challenges and commitment to the community.

For more info, contact Chaim at

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