Revisiting the Israel Aquarium – BITE SIZE

Hear about the latest happenings at the Aquarium in Jerusalem and why this has to be one of your “must-see” stops when visiting Jerusalem, in my interview with Shai Ben Ami, Director of Education and Annie Hersowitz, the English Tour Guide. Recorded for Bite Size with Yoni Pollak.

What you will See

  • In the last year many new fish have been added to the aquarium.
  • 9 sharks are currently on exhibit.
  • Pinhas the Octopus is one of the most fascinating animals. An Octopus is very intelligent. Lots of research is being done on octopus brains and how they live.
  • There are 10-15 sting-rays which you will be able to feed with a stick but not pet according to Israeli law.
  • Nemo and Dory fish have also joined the waters.
  • The adorable sea horses have been brought from South Australia.
  • Other interesting fish on exhibit include: Jelly Fish, Star Fish, Stone Fish, Frog Fish and more.

Interactive Activities

  • Children can climb into the center area of the tank (a dry area) and really get a close look at the fish.
  • Because aquariums are dark – its hard to get a good picture. So they have now set up “selfie” areas – where one can turn a bright light on and be able to take good selfie pics!
  • The open sting ray pool allows visitors to see the sting rays from up close, but unfortunately Israel laws prevent one from being able to actually touch them.

New Fish Adaption

  • New fish are acquired either from other aquariums or by collectors who have special permits to collect fish. The fish are then brought in by boat or plane and then immediately placed into quarantine for 30-45 days to ensure the fish are not carrying any parasite or disease. After that the fish are put into the fish tank at the aquarium.
  • The quarantine tank is quite large. In fact, it comprises of 50% of the aquarium’s tank! Holes in the wall have been made so that people can see the quarantine area.

Aquarium Hours & Tickets

  • On holidays: Sukkot, Chanukah and Pesach – Open special hours, need to buy tickets in advance from the website, no guided tours.
  • All other times: Mornings are open for prearranged group tours (preferable to book at least a week in advance). Afternoons (2pm-5pm) are open to the public, with tickets bought in advance via the website


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