Volunteer Activities

Shalva National Center – Family Tours

Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
With the opening of their new state of art Shalva National Center, Shalva invites families to come on an interactive tour. You will see first hand, the special work that Shalva and its' staff and volunteers do for families with children with special needs.

Yad Sarah’s World of Giving Tour

Age: Tour is recommended for ages 12+
Special arrangements can be made for younger visitors in private groups
Language: English, Hebrew
A moving and interactive tour of the Yad Sarah building for families where you will learn about the world of giving and volunteering in Israel.

Ezrat Avot Volunteering

Age: 8+ for packaging, 11+ for preparing food Language: English, Hebrew
Ezrat Avot is looking for volunteers to help with the elderly. Help pack and deliver meals


Language: English, Hebrew
Haverut is a non profit organization that brings a holistic approach to illness and provides services and support to patients in local Jerusalem hospitals.

Leket Volunteering

Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
Visitng Israel and looking for a volunteer opportunity, or want to share their Simcha with Leket Israel, tourists and locals are able to participate in different projects run by Leket Israel.

Lone Soldier Center

Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
There are over 5700 lone soldiers in Israel. You can get involved to help support them by helping to arrange a BBQ, adopting a soldier, cooking some meals or helping out in the office.

Pantry Packers

Age: Whole family Language: English, Hebrew
Pantry Packers is a wonderful tourist attraction and volunteer organization that packs rice for the needy. This is a great activity for a birthday party or a Bar / Bat Mitzva activity.

Pina Chama

Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
The Pina Chama (a cozy corner), is a place where soldiers can stop for a bit of rest, for a drink, something to eat or just a kind word on the way to their bases. It is located at the Gush Etzion Junction and run by volunteers.


Age: Whole Family Language: English
Make SHEKEL-Community Services for People with Special Needs one of your stops next time you are in Israel. Enjoy special hands on workshops with Shekel residents in honor of your family or Bar/Bat Mitzva.

Susan’s House Workshops

Age: Whole Family Language: English, Hebrew
Susan's House runs art workshops for families and is a great place for a party or a Bar / Bat Mitzva activity. Susan's House is a non profit organization that teaches at risk teens creative skills to be productive in society.