Yad Sarah’s World of Giving Tour


A moving and interactive tour of the Yad Sarah building where you will learn about the world of giving and volunteering in Israel. Created for kids and adults to enjoy together, this tour will give you insight into the incredible work that Yad Sarah does in Israel.

The Tour:
The tour begins with an entertaining movie in the Yad Sarah Visitor’s Center and continues with an interactive walking tour throughout the building to see the different departments. The tour will inspire teens and adults to find ways to volunteer at Yad Sarah whether its through technology, creating products for people with special needs or running tours at the visitors center.

Tour: 1.5 hours
Cost: Tours are 36 NIS per person for groups under 15 people, 18 NIS per person for groups larger than 15 people.
Ages: 12+ (younger kids can come on private tours)
Languages: Hebrew & English

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Build A Walker Workshop: 
At the conclusion of the tour groups are invited to take part in the giving by assembling a walker that will then get tagged and added to Yad Sarah’s enormous lending warehouse.
Cost: 80 NIS per walker (up to 4 people can work on a walker)

Yad Sarah & Your Bar/Bat Mitzva
Include a Yad Sarah tour as part of your Bar/Bat Mitzva activity. There is a beautiful hall on the top floor of the building where you can continue the celebration overlooking Jerusalem. Contact Yad Sarah for details about reserving the space and caterers.

Medical Services to Tourists
Yad Sarah can provide tourists with special medical equipment including wheelchairs, crutches and even transportation for physically disabled tourists. Contact Yad Sarah before your trip.

What is Yad Sarah?
Yad Sarah is a heartwarming volunteer based organization that began with one couple’s small act of kindness, when they shared their inhalation machine, and has grown to over 100 service centers throughout Israel. It provides medical solutions to the sick, elderly, disabled, and recuperating people and their families either free or at a nominal cost.


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Groups under 15 people
36 NIS per person

Groups larger than 15 people
18 NIS per person

“Build a Walker Workshop” – 80 NIS per group (up to 4 participants)


Tour is recommended for ages 12+
Special arrangements can be made for younger visitors in private groups


English / Hebrew


Kosher Cafeteria

Venue: Yad Sarah Visitor’s Center

Address: 124 Herzl Blvd
Jerusalem, Israel
Neighborhood: Near Har Herzl & Yad Vashem
Parking: Free indoor parking