Incorporating Chesed into your Bar or Bat Mitzva

At Fun in Jerusalem, I am constantly impressed with just how many requests and views we receive to volunteer. Visitors and locals alike, are in search of ways to teach their family about giving and Tzedakah. As the “Shadchan” nothing makes me happier than to hear back about how fun and meaningful their experiences we connected them to were.

So, it came as NO surprise to me when families started turning to me for opportunities to incorporate giving back into their Bar/Bat Mitzvas celebrations. Everyone seems to be in search of a way to add value by adding a Chessed component. Check out some of the options that are popping up.

Yad Sarah, has just created an engaging visitors center tour. They can accommodate to private groups and have an option for English tours. After the video, guests tour the various centers, each one is an eye-opening experience. Yad Sarah has created a hands-on activity at the end of the tour where guests can build a walker to be added to Yad Sarah’s inventory. (80 shekel per walker, up to 4 participants per walker.) They also have a variety of spaces with beautiful views of Jerusalem to accommodate for parties after the tour.

Shalva, has just opened a new state of the art center. Their goal is inverse mainstreaming, bringing the public into their space, so their new center has loads of options. A gorgeous full basketball court for the sports enthusiast, a wheel chair accessible theatre for shows, concerts, private screenings, gymboreees, a large indoor swimming pool, and a roof top or indoor party space. All these options allow you to find what your family connects to most while involving the Shalva students in your celebration.

Pantry packers, has been on everyone’s to do list for several years running. They are a family friendly space that has developed creative ways for kids of all ages to have a “job” and feel a part of the process. Their center allows for everyone to engage, have fun, and make a difference they can measure by the bagful. They also accommodate large and small groups and have a small party room.


Whichever option feels right for your family, adding Chessed to your simcha is definitely a trend I’m excited to get behind!

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