Traveling in Israel 21C

Yesterday I had an inspiring day in Israel. I had to travel from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv and decided to try out the new “Get Taxi” iphone app. I downloaded the app and ordered my taxi. I was quickly notified that Yaakov would be my driver and he was 10 minutes away. I even knew that he was leaving Talpiot right now to come to me.

When I told Yaakov that I wanted to get to Tel Aviv for a meeting he quickly checked his WAZE app to find the fastest route. Surprisingly the route took us on Route 1 and told us that we could expect an hour and 20 minute drive. At that point I was already impressed with our use of technology for the day. Yaakov was a very nice and pleasant taxi driver and by the time we got halfway to Tel Aviv, I already knew that his oldest daughter is about to go into the army, his younger daughter is still in school and his wife’s name is Rachel. That’s a special Israeli experience and he kept me entertained with stories throughout our drive.

As we got closer to Tel Aviv, Yaakov asked me if i wanted to pay an additional fee to drive in the fast lane of the Ayalon. I was running late for my meeting so I agreed. Do you know the rate for the fast lane changes automatically based on the amount of traffic on the road. Since its was 65 NIS we knew the traffic was bad and it was worthwhile to take the fast lane.

I got to my meeting on time and Yaakov even waited for me. Because he uses Get Taxi he was able to give some locals a rides while he waited and then he met me at the drop off location at 12pm.

So what’s the message of this story?
Everyday life in Israel involves some of the most modern technology.

How Does it Help Tourists?

  • Get the GET Taxi app
  • Enjoy the cultural experience of an Israeli taxi ride
  • Make sure to use WAZE to find the fastest route
  • Take the Fast Lane if you don’t want to get stuck in traffic

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