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Jerusalem is a modern city with beautiful malls, chain stores and discount shopping experiences. So it is rare to find a classic “mom and pop” toy store that is thriving and serving its’ customers in its’ own special way.

Baazar Moriah, is a local Katamon toy store located on Palmach st (at the intersection with Gdud Haivri). Esther and Yitzchak have been running the toy store for more than 20 years and before that, they had a food shop in the same location. Anyone who has walks into the store knows that Esther knows her toys. She is always on top of the latest trend and can give you wonderful personalized advice based on your child’s age, hobbies and personality.

If you have been to the store you have also witnessed the beautiful relationship between Esther and Yitzchak. A husband and wife team who actually sit behind the counter together helping customers. Their love for each other is evident and you can tell that they are each others right hand.

Last week when I entered the store I noticed that Yitzchak wasn’t there. When I asked Esther her eyes filled up with tears. Yitzchak is not well. She went on to tell me that they decided together that they would rather enjoy their time together in the store during the day rather than in the hospital. So Yitzchak still drives Esther to work and most of the time you will still find him sitting beside her behind the counter.

When I started Fun In Jerusalem and told Esther about it, she was quick to offer me a discount that I could offer my readers (and you can still receive a discount today by mentioning Fun In Jerusalem). Each time I come to the store she is so happy to tell me about the customers I have sent her as well as the new readers she has sent me.

So next time you need to buy a birthday present, a toy or just want to find something educational for your kids, take a walk into Bazaar Moriah and ask Esther. It’s so important for a community to support its local stores. In this case, Esther and Yitzchak have been a major part of the community for many years and you can show them your support by shopping with them.

Bazaar Moriah Information
18 HaPalmach st.
Sunday-Thursday Hours:
9am-1:45pm & 3:45pm-6:45pm
Friday Hours:
Hours change each day so call in advance 

Originally posted on Joanna Shebson’s Times of Israel Blog

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