Segev Hamburgers – The New Gourmet Street Food Craze in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem restaurant scene has gone gourmet over the last few years. Gourmet street food is the hot culinary trend and local Israeli chefs have been reinterpreting traditional recipes like hamburgers, chicken wraps and more. It is really fun to see that Jerusalem is one of the cities leading this trend.

We got to go behind the scenes of one of Jerusalem’s newest KOSHER gourmet fast food meat restaurants, Segev Hamburger. Want to be “in the know” about Jerusalem’s latest craze? Read on…

Nissim Segev began as a butcher in Talpiot over 25 years ago. He quickly became well known for his special cuts of meat and the unique aging process he perfected that takes more than 3 months. You will usually see Nissim himself behind the counter and you can always ask him for a recipe.

In 2017 he opened Segev Hamburger right next door in the Talpiot Industrial area so that he could fulfill his promise to his customers of providing the freshest meat for his restaurant. Sometimes you can even see the chefs running back and forth between the shops. His wife Sharon former manager at Zappa joined the business and we had a chance to sit down with her over a burger.


NEW RESTAURANT OPENING IN THE SHUK (January 2, 2019) –  Nissim and Sharon are excited to announce that they will be opening a second restaurant just outside the highly popular and trendy Shuk Mahane Yehuda. Located across the street from Crave on Rechov Shikma. The new restaurant will have the same great menu as the original branch and a self service atmosphere.

NEW ITEMS ON THE MENU – A hamburger at Segev is anything but a simple burger. Burgers are made of fresh Entrecote ground each day. You can order delicious toppings like fried eggs, goose breast, merguez sausages, goose liver and more. Nissim recently added the BLOOMING ONION to the menu. Did you know the blooming onion requires special equipment that can only be bought in the US? He is the first to make them in Jerusalem. Using a fresh onion and a special technique the onion is fried in a way that opens it up – blooms.

DELIVERY IN JERUSALEM – Now you can order the delicious food to come to you. Minimum order of 100 NIS will cost you 15 NIS delivery fee. Add a few more items and if you are above 200 NIS the delivery is free. Hosting a BBQ and you want to order raw meat? You can do that by phone as well.

A DELICIOUS COLLABORATION – Unique Partnerships – Over Hanukkah Nissim Segev worked together with Karen & Itzik Kadosh the world famous bakers from Cafe Kadosh in town to create a unique Hamburger Sufganiya. Can you even imagine how incredible that is? Jerusalem’s number one baking chefs working together with Jerusalem’s best butcher.

Segev offered three small burgers with duck, assado and roast beef – all served on a fresh homemade sufganiya roll.

They sold out fast and the newest craze in Jerusalem began. It is such a great example of what makes Jerusalem’s culinary culture so unique – the way chefs work together. Look out for more exciting partnerships like this in the Jerusalem culinary world.

SEGEV’S RECIPE BOOK – Learn from the best. Make sure to pop into the butcher shop next door to pick up a recipe pamphlet produced by Nissim. It even comes in English. Rack of Lamb, Beef Bourguignon, Roast Beef, Duck and BBQ tips.

Come and visit Segev Hamburgers and make sure to bring your kids with you. Segev is not only for gourmet travelers but its a great family option as well.

A classic Segev Burger + Fries + Drink – 53 NIS (An incredible price for fresh gourmet food). 

Original Location: Yad Harutzim 4 (down a small street next door to Spiegel Film School)
New Location: Rechov HaShikma 6 – Mahane Yehuda (across the street from Crave)
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim (Meat is Chalak Beit Yosef)
Delivery Phone: 02-501-7170

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