Ready… Set…Who are you gonna GO for in the Jerusalem Marathon?

The Jerusalem Marathon is fast approaching, taking place on March 20, 2020.

Training for, and running a marathon, or any long-distance endurance sport, used to be the kind of thing only super-healthy fitness enthusiasts would undertake. However, in the last 10 years in Jerusalem, it has become a family tradition. Whether you run the community race with your young kids, the 10k with your older kids or the half & full marathon as your kids cheer you on – marathon day has become an exciting “holiday” in Jerusalem.

There are many different motivations for wanting to complete a marathon. For some, it is the challenge of the training, others may want to get in shape, and some might enjoy the sport. Whatever the motivation, everyone recognizes that this is something that takes hard work and sacrifice, and so many use the opportunity to raise money for important causes via sponsorship.

Each year there are more and more options to join specific organizations, to run together to promote them and to raise money and awareness for their causes.

These causes are all worthy of your support- so how are you supposed to decide? Well in this blog we highlighted some of the charities that might inspire you to get training and to start fundraising.


Dror provides after school sports programs, academic support and volunteer activities for young girls in Beit Shemesh with the aim of providing young girls with the skills they need to thrive with self confidence in life.

Dror was founded in the memory of Rikki and Racheli Menorah who were two young sisters tragically killed in a plane crash. The word Dror is an acronym in Hebrew for “Derech Rikki V’Racheli,” which translates to, “In the path of Rikki and Racheli.”

Fun In Jerusalem is a proud sponsor of the Dror Marathon.

How can you run with Dror?

Dror will gladly accept any donation and although runners should aim for 250 NIS or more, it is not a requirement.  Runners must be registered for the marathon.

There are prizes and raffle tickets awarded for funds raised at various levels. Dror runners will receive a Dror t-shirt, a delicious carb-loading meal the night before the run, as well as bagels, spreads, and muffins to reload after the run.

By supporting Dror Now you’ll be contributing to a life, to a community and the next generation of female leaders.
Inspire girls to aspire!

Run for Dror

Kav L’Noar

Kav L’Noar is a lifeline for youth who are in danger of becoming “at-risk.” Kav L’Noar provides counseling and mentoring in English, Hebrew & French, for young people & especially for children/teens adjusting to a new life in Israel.

The goal, for Kav L’Noar, whether they become involved early on or when the youth is at crisis point is to ensure a positive relationship with their family going forward, reduce school drop-outs and at-risk behaviors. They operate in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas.

How can you run with Kav L’Noar?

Kav L’Noar hopes that runners will raise more than $360 per person through sponsorships and they will provide special dri-fit t-shirts for all those representing the charity. They also provide a pasta party the night before the marathon, and snacks on the day. Make sure to get your Kav L’Noar photo magnet produced on the day of the marathon.

For serious runners who can commit to raising a certain amount, Kav L’Noar can provide them with a trainer.

Prizes will be given to the highest fundraisers.

Join Kav L’Noar to help us help our youth navigate the marathon of life!


Lone Soldier Center, in memory of Michael Levin

The Lone Soldier Center was established in 2009 in memory of Michael Levin, a lone soldier originally from Philadelphia, who died serving in the Paratroopers unit of the IDF during the Lebanon War of 2006. After his death, a group of his friends and fellow soldiers wanted to find a way to honor his memory while serving the needs of lone soldiers before, during and after their army service.

The center is the only one of its kind to help with both the physical and emotional needs of a lone soldier. They offer assistance with anything from sourcing accommodation, providing furniture, laundry services and financial assistance to social events including Shabbat and holiday meals, counseling and seminars.

The Center helps thousands of young men and women every year who leave their homes to come and serve in the IDF, protecting the State of Israel.

How can you run with The Lone Soldier Center?

Runners can join “Team Mikey” where they will be asked to raise $360. This does not include the registration fee for the marathon. They will be given a Team Mikey t-shirt as well as other Lone Soldier Center merchandise and will be provided with a pasta dinner the night before the marathon.

Join the lone soldiers who protect us year-round, show your support and run together with them.

Run for the Lone Soldier center


Crossroads Jerusalem offers support for pre-risk and at-risk English-speaking youths through an essential prevention and intervention program. The center offers an emergency hotline, counseling services, free therapies, and other supportive and skill learning services.

How can you run for Team Crossroads?

To join the marathon as a Crossroads runner, they recommend a suggested target of $500 per runner, though other targets can be set providing each runner is raising some form of sponsorship. This does not include the cost of registering for the marathon.

Crossroads will provide you with a personalized running kit and Crossroads t-shirt as well as a pasta party the night before the run.

By supporting Crossroads, you are helping to support a grassroots service that supports your community.

Run for Crossroads

Team Shalva

Team Shalva is a worldwide family that brings the joy of sports to people of all abilities. We are a diverse group of over 650 runners who travel from all over the world to Israel to participate in the Jerusalem Marathon in support of Shalva. Team Shalva is also the first and largest (and we believe THE coolest) team in the marathon. Team Shalva hosts an epic pre and post marathon party as well as a special shabbaton for teens who fly in to race for Shalva.

Run for Team Shalva


General Jerusalem Marathon 2020 Information

Routes: Community Run, 5k, 10k, 21.5k or the full 42k
Marathon Sign Up
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