Feeling Yom Hazikaron with One Family’s Chantal Belzberg – BITE SIZE

Yom Hazikaron, Memorial Day in Israel is a somber and meaningful day. It is not just about sadness but is also just as importantly about telling the story of life and our connection to the State of Israel.

One Family Together supports bereaved families who have lost family members in terror attacks. On Yom Hazikaron they share stories about the victims, share the feelings of the family members left behind and their experiences.

To see the edited version of the ceremony – click here. Please share this at your local schools, synagogues and community events.

To see the unedited live version of the ceremony click here.

Listen to my interview with Chantal Belzberg, founder of One Family and hear how it all started, what they do to support bereaved families and how you can see the ceremony and hear the stories all across the world this Yom Hazikaron.

One Family also has other ways that you can get involved whether you live in Israel or abroad.

One Family Projects

  • Bar & Bat Mitzvah Twinning Program
  • Adopt A Family – Meetings with bereaved families
  • Young Leadership Program


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