Hershele Gallery at First Station – BITE SIZE

Meet Zvi Gleish, owner of the Hershele Fine Art and Judaica Gallery, one of the newest and most beautiful art galleries in Jerusalem at the First Station in Jerusalem.  Recorded for BITE SIZE with Yoni Pollak.

Listen to the Interview – 

Here are some of the “Interview Highlights”

  • While working for an art gallery in Tzfat, Zvi realized he had a natural talent to locate and curate special art and Judaica.
  • After a few years, Zvi went out on his own and opened up an art gallery in Tzfat.
  • Now Tzvi has brought his talent and beautiful art and Judaica pieces to Jerusalem to the newly opened Hershele Fine Art and Judaica Gallery in the First Station.
  • The gallery is located in the historic and cultural hub of Jerusalem – the First Station. A place always filled with exciting cultural activities and restaurants and other tourist happenings.
  • The gallery features art from over 55 Israeli artists, including famous artists David Gerstein, Yaakov Agam, Menashe Kadishman. And some of the newest discovered artists including Tobi Ben Herzl and Jacob Chayat.
  • One of the special aspects of the the gallery is that its always searching to discover, promote and sell pieces from the newest artists!
  • The gallery is located by the David Remez entrance to the First Station (by the center tent).

Here is what you can find at the gallery

  • The gallery is not only a place to buy beautiful Judaica, but it is also a place that also has many unique and modern art pieces, pieces not found elsewhere.
  • Table Art
  • Paintings (Jerusalem themes as well as other modern themes)
  • Sculptures
  • Small and useful pieces (swag)
  • Custom pieces are also available
  • Kabbalah Jewelry – beautiful pieces that include Kabbalah meanings and blessings
  • Anyone and everyone will find something to their liking at the gallery! Prices range from inexpensive useful items to high end unique art pieces.
  • International shipping available


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