Independence Day Fireworks in Jerusalem & Flyover Times

The best park of Yom Haatzmaut are the fireworks. I often myself standing on our balcony waiting to see where the next fireworks will come from. Here is a guide based on information from the Iriya. Times are subject to change but at least it’s a start.

Fireworks in Jerusalem – 

10:00pm French Hill – Community Center

10:30pm Gan Haatzamut (Independence Park)

10:30pm, 11:15pm Pisgat Zeev – Kikar Iruim Rechov Yitzchak Tunic

10:30pm Kiryat Moshe – Beit Ross

10:30pm Har Homa – Rechov Esther Raziel

10:45pm East Talpiot – Tayelet Armon Hanetziv

11:15pm Kiryat Yovel – Park Denya

11:30pm Gilo – Park Zeidenberg

12:00am Gan Haatzamut (Independence Park)


Looking for the Airforce Flyover Times? Here is a list of times based on location.



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