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Did you know there is a family friendly way to join the Jerusalem Marathon?

Hear my interview with Sharon Feifer from Kav L’Noar on BITE SIZE with Yoni Pollak. For the past six years the Kav L’Noar team has been running alongside other wonderful Jerusalem causes in the Jerusalem marathon. This year Sharon Feifer, the Community Education Coordinator for Kav L’Noar is promoting a different kind of race – a family for family 1.7 kilometer family race.

Walk, run, or stroller race with Kav L’Noar. Learn how your family can participate and help  another family in need. Registration is still open, so don’t miss out!

Listen to the interview:

Here are some of the “Interview Highlights”

  • Kav L’Noar is a Jerusalem family mentoring facility that provides positive role models for children struggling emotionally  and resources for their parents.
  • Families are invited to walk, run, or push a stroller on the 1.7 kilometer family race – a fun way for your family to be a part of something special!
  • For the 2nd year running, the Givati Brigade will be joining the Kav L’Noar marathon team!
  • In their honor, participants will receive purple Givati colored race tee shirt.
  • Rabbis that Run- is a new initiative for community Rabbis from America to join the Kav L’Noar team, bringing along with them their family’s support as well as their friends and congregants support.
  • All participants running for Kav L’Noar are invited the night before to a pasta party, and will receive a racing number, and of course a medal at the end of the race.
  • “It’s A Small World” listen to the story of how I first met Dani Yemini, the CEO of Kav L’Noar 10 years ago.

Here is a video from the 2016 Marathon to give you a feel for the excitement. 

What services does Kav L’Noar center have to offer?

The Kav L’Noar building is centrally located on Keren Hayisod street; an easy to reach counseling center for struggling teens and their families.  Their team provides a full intake of the families requesting services and then supplies a heavily subsidized program comprised of holistic, counseling, and one on one mentoring for each child.

Before the inception of Kav L’Noar, families that made aliyah with children who weren’t able to adjust emotionally, often felt there was no where to turn. With funds generated from the Marathon Kav L’noar can continue to provide families with support and tools when they need them the most!

For more information about the Kav L’Noar services please click here.

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