Pesach Israel ScaVentures

Israel ScaVentures invites you and your family to enjoy fun and challenging games around Jerusalem.

Choose the right adventure for your family…

The ScaVentures in Jerusalem – The classic game FOR BIG GROUPS

On the Old City Scavenger Hunt, you will navigate your way from station to station, discovering en route the untold secrets of the Jewish Quarter. The tales of inspiring people, ancient places and tremendous events covering over 3000 years of Jewish History will come to life as you explore your route with maps and mission packs in hand.

Nachlaot Scavenger Hunt – Nachlaot is one of Jerusalem’s best-kept secrets, and on this tour game, you will discover this colorful, surprising and eclectic neighborhood.  On your navigation adventure, you will get to know the pioneers of the early Jerusalem neighborhood, you will make your way through alleys with timeless charm and you will peek into the Machaneh Yehuda market – all this while engaging with the unique Nachlaot vibe.

Ask about the Shuk Dash and Windmill Dash!

The ScaVentures City Dash – Nachlaot, Tzfat or Neve Tzedek (For your family capsule, download and play!)

Download this navigation game in which you will navigate to different locations in Jerusalem and complete different types of challenging missions at each point.

Playing the ScaVentures City Dash game you will have fun, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation, you’ll explore a new area and you’ll  keep away from other people – all in your own time and at your own pace (we expect the game will take you around 2 hours).

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ScaVentures Jerusalem Guidebook –

This comprehensive, experiential Jerusalem guidebook takes you on 5 distinct adventures and serves as your family’s personal tour guide, on your schedule, on your terms, for all ages. Play the games at your own pace.

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