Summer Tours with Nachliel “The Museum Guy”

Nachliel Selavan, affectionately known as The Museum Guy, will be guiding Public & Private tours at the Bible Lands Museum and Israel Museum this summer.

Nachliel’s tours are exciting and unique, and take advantage of the vast collections in the museum to create a memorable learning experience (See review below). The following tours are the top suggestions for this summer, and will be running a few times until the end of August. He tailors every tour to what you need, so be sure to reach out to him.

Nachliel updates his list of tours every few days. Keep track of his tours here.

Nachilel was an excellent tour guide! Kept our 4 children ages 5-11 extremely engaged and taught them quite a bit of history. Upon coming home asked what their favorite part of Israel was they all said their tour with Nachilel! I would highly recommend him.”


Fit for the King’s Table (Israel Museum)

Join Nachliel at the Israel Museum for a feast of the imagination. Learn about Ancient Near Easters feasting, nuances of political feasts and royal banquets, and connections to Tanach and the stories of destruction and redemption. This tour includes a temporary exhibition that ends in December 2023.

The Four Kingdoms (Bible Lands Museum)

Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon had a dream – a vision of the kingdoms that will succeed and surpass Babylon in world domination. Babylon was conquered by the Persians, the Persians by the Greeks, and the Greeks by the Romans. These Four Kingdoms shaped the world as we know it.

What was Herzl’s Favorite Emoji? (Israel Museum)

History, Archeology and Zionist Art at the Israel Museum.

Ask Nachliel about his availability for Private Tours.


Summer Reservations - Nachliel "The Museum Guy"

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