Jewish Festival Tours in the Museum

Join a unique adventure through the rich treasures of the Israel Museum’s collections as you enjoy holiday tours led by Nachliel Selavan, AKA “The Museum Guy”.

Tishrei Tour

This tour teaches about the holidays of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah through Jewish art & archeology.

Fit For The King’s Table tour

This tour focuses on Feasts, against the backdrop of an exclusive, new exhibition in the Museum. Nachliel will walk you through an amazing story, linking the feasts in Tanach and the ancient world, to modern technology, archeology, politics, religion and more.

Both tours are available as a public tour, and can be arranged for private groups as well.

Nachliel’s tours are exciting and unique, and take advantage of the vast collections in the museum to create a memorable learning experience (See review below). He tailors every tour to what you need, so be sure to reach out to him.

Nachliel updates his list of tours every few days. Keep track of his tours here.

Nachilel was an excellent tour guide! Kept our 4 children ages 5-11 extremely engaged and taught them quite a bit of history. Upon coming home asked what their favorite part of Israel was they all said their tour with Nachilel! I would highly recommend him.”

Israel Museum
Derech Ruppin, Jerusalem

Reservations - Tishrei Festival Tours

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