Museum Tours for Kids – Virtual Museum Tour with Nachliel Selavan

Kids at home and climbing up the walls?

Let’s do something different! Join Nachliel for a virtual experience that will engage your kids in fun and learning through google earth, museums, and Jewish history.

The kids museum tour is designed to engage children in topics in general and Jewish history, through using google earth, pictures and videos, and conversation. Children are encourage to be involved, to speak up, tell stories, or interact with other children in different ways.

And even if you kids are shy, it will be fun to watch and learn.

Pyramids Around The World – A Virtual Journey (Oct 20 HEBREW, Oct 22, ENGLISH)

In this exciting virtual lesson, inspired by the Tower of Babel story from this week’s Parasha (Noach), your kids will embark on a thrilling Google Earth tour to explore the mysteries of pyramids from Egypt to Mexico, Mesopotamia, and beyond. They’ll uncover the secrets of these ancient wonders and delve into the psychology of monumental construction, all while developing critical historical thinking skills.

Abraham’s Journey (Oct 17 & 29) IN HEBREW

Abraham’s journey, mentioned every day in the morning services, takes him through the centers of civilization at the time, leads him to Egypt – and to a promise of an Exodus whose importance cannot be overstated.   Why are the departure from Ur and Exodus from Egypt so important to us? Join me in the museum for an adventure to explore these questions through the history and archaeology of ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. This tour is part of an annual course of virtual tours for homeschool kids, on a wide range of topics.

Ancient Hebrew Workshop (Oct 18) IN ENGLISH

Learn about the Ancient Hebrew Alphabet in a fun, experiential way. In this workshop (which is virtual!) you will being a pen/pencil and paper, and you will learn to write your name in Ancient Hebrew, and lots of history.

Peter Pan & The Industrial Revolution (Oct 31) IN HEBREW

The Industrial Revolution is one of the major changes in human history, its ripple effects are still impacting us today. In this class, which builds on the previous classes about human development such as the invention of writing and the urban revolution, we will continue to explore these ideas as they impacted modern society. Peter Pan is the perfect story to tell, because it was written in English in the wake of the Industrial Revolution, and it expresses the desire to return to nature, to the simplicity of the way things were, to “never grow up”. We will explore other cultural creations which deal with the revolution, such as Charlie Chaplin.

Free Educational Content for Kids

Nachliel has compiled a document with many recordings of virtual tours and lectures that he’s done, most of them are free, and they are in English and Hebrew.  He’ll continue to update this list with upcoming free live virtual lessons, as well as a list of recordings you can watch for a discounted rate.

Your Guide Nachliel Selavan

Nachliel Selavan MA. Ed., offers special Jewish History and Tanach tours in museums in Israel and around the world, both in person, and in zoom. He has a unique and engaging approach which brings museums and Jewish history to life, connecting Torah, history, art, geography, archaeology and all in a fun and exciting way.

Nachliel knows his stuff…he creates a unique blend of the ancient and the modern, as he tickles your imagination at the Museum.

Prefer a private tour? Contact Nachliel to arrange a tour of your choice.

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