Friday Family Brunch at Tzuba

Every Friday, the Tzuba Hotel hosts a delicious gourmet brunch.

In front of a beautiful view of vineyards and green mountains, the meal is served as a delicious rich and varied buffet in the hotel’s pastoral lobby and terrace.

The meal includes: Fresh pastries, fresh cheeses, quiches, hot dishes, a selection of farm cheeses, a rich salad bar, a coffee corner, desserts, and more.

Tour the Kibbutz

As part of the brunch, you can go on a fascinating tour of Kibbutz Tzuba, one of the last socialist kibbutzim. Learn how ideology has become a way of life.

The tour goes through the dining room, the laundry, the kindergartens, and includes an explanation of agriculture, industry and the unique way of life.

The tour includes fascinating stories of the place and its history. During the tour, you pass historical signage with explanations and photos from the past, as well as visit an archive with a fascinating collection of objects from the beginning of the kibbutz’s days.



Kibbutz Tzuba

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