Creative Crafts Hanukkah Workshops

Come and celebrate Hanukka at the Creative Crafts. All Hanukka workshops are by reservation only.

Cocktail Candles

A festive & fun Chanukah evening creating your perfect cocktail candle. You can choose to create a cocktail/beer/iced coffee candle in this chilled, relaxed Hannukah event. Fun music , snacks & cocktails included!

Mosaic House Signs 

Create a Mosaic Sign together as a family. Please note these projects are planned in advance so that you can complete your masterpiece during a 2.5 hour workshop.  (Most people also order precut lettering & some people choose to also order a frame).

Candles & Wax Hands 

Have you ever seen a candle in the shape of a cup of hot cocoa, cupcake or a beer? Now you can make one. This is the holiday of wax so what better way to celebrate than to create a wax hand souvenir & special decorative candles.

You can choose between:

  • Cupcake Candles
  • Havdalah Candles
  • Ice Cream sundaes that look good enough to eat!
  • Beer Candles

Glass Fusing

Choose your projects creating a fused sign, napkin holder, picture frame, channukia, platter, mezuza, snowflake or suncatcher.

Your project needs to be fired and will be ready for pickup within 2 weeks.


Kfar Etzion, כפר עציון

Hanukka Reservations - Creative Crafts

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