The Third Side of the Coin: Museum Tour with Nachliel

The Third Side of the Coin at The Israel Museum

Join Nachliel and uncover the complexities of currency evolution, tracing its path through the Zionist movement, the Bank of Israel, and the transformation of old and new notes and coins.

Engage in thoughtful discussions, gaining insights into the archaeological stories, forgeries, and political nuances woven into the tapestry of currency (and “current”) history.

This tour offers a unique blend of education and fascination, providing adults with a deeper understanding of the multifaceted world of money. From ancient tales to modern intricacies, this tour is designed to stimulate intellects and spark meaningful conversations.

Your Guide Nachliel Selavan

Nachliel Selavan MA. Ed., offers special Jewish History and Tanach tours in museums in Israel and around the world, both in person, and in zoom. He has a unique and engaging approach which brings museums and Jewish history to life, connecting Torah, history, art, geography, archaeology and all in a fun and exciting way.

Nachliel knows his stuff…he creates a unique blend of the ancient and the modern, as he tickles your imagination at the Museum.

Prefer a private tour? Contact Nachliel to arrange a tour of your choice.

Israel Museum
Derech Ruppin, Jerusalem

Thid Side of the Coin with Nachliel "The Museum Guy"

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