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Most cities today have a work hub or a social hub, but how many cities can say they have an Art Hub for kids? The Open Studio has become an Art Hub for kids and grownups in Jerusalem.

Most of you have met Avigayle Adler at the First Station where she runs exciting drop in workshops for kids during the holidays. You may also know her from her Open Studio Summer Camp.  In this interview you will get to meet Avigayle Adler, founder of the Open Studio in Jerusalem and hear about how she inspires kids to find their inner artist.

At Fun In Jerusalem we like to say she created Recorded for BITE SIZE with Yoni Pollak.

Listen to the Interview – 

Here are some of the “Interview Highlights”

  • Avigayle made Aliyah 7 years ago as a qualified teacher. Along with her big move, she decided to switch careers when she decided that she was “too creative” to teach in a regular classroom – instead she wanted to share her creativity to contribute to Jerusalem.
  • Avigayle has a Masters in Jewish Education. And before moving to Israel, Avigayle spent many years teaching Judaic Studies, and always used art as a way of enriching whatever subject matter she was teaching.
  • Although she doesn’t have any formal art background, she spent a summer studying Jewish Papercut at Brandeis Collegiate Institute (BCI)
  • When she moved to Israel, Avigayle decided to set up an art studio where she could teach through art.
  • Avigayle chose the name “The Open Studio” because it aligns with her philosophy on education – she wants to take kids out into the world and allow them to pave the path towards their own interests.
  • For Avigayle – what’s important is that she can teach children about who they are and who they can be.
  • The vision for the Open Studio is that it will be a hub for children to come and explore whatever creative path they choose – kids have access to a glass painting area, a mosaic area, a sewing machine area etc.
  • This activity is a unique and interactive way to connect with Jerusalem and Israel!

When can kids join the workshops?

  • Tourists – can come to The First Station for drop-in workshops that take place during school vacations and holidays. Check the Fun In Jerusalem calendar to see which days she will be there.
  • Private Workshops – are a perfect opportunity for tourists looking for something different to do with the family. Also great idea for bar/bat-mitzvah groups, birthday parties or any group.
  • Pre-Pesach Camps
  • Chugim – after school classes for all ages. Choose from a variety of art forms.
  • Summer Camps – while not in school – this is an amazing opportunity for kids to cultivate their creative sides. One of the exciting weeks of the summer camp is an archaeological unit where Avigayle takes kids to different archaeological sites and then the kids have an opportunity to create their own artifacts. Open Studio also hosts a traveling arts camp where kids go out into the field to enjoy Jerusalem from an artist’s perspective.

Open Studio’s creative options

  • Mosaic-ing
  • Wood painting
  • Glass painting
  • Paint pouring – NEW!!
  • Sand painting
  • And more…

For more info, contact Avigayle at

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