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For my latest BITE SIZE interview, I had the pleasure of speaking to Shelley Brinn from Tour Adumim. I have watched over the last few years how Shelley has been an integral part of Adumim Tourism and has attracted groups and families to the area for day trips. As a resident of Maale Adumim, Shelley knows the area well and has worked with local businesses to encourage them to open “factory tours”.

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Here are some of the “Interview Highlights”

The Adumim Region is just minutes away from Jerusalem and yet a completely different climate. This comes in handy during the winter where it might be raining in Jerusalem and dry in the desert areas of Adumim. That’s why this is a great winter family day trip.

I am excited to share with you some reasons to stop in Adumim on your way down to the Dead Sea/Masada or even just as a day trip.

  • PLACES TO VISIT – with Tour Adumim?
    • Judean Desert Lookout –
      • Learn about the historical significance,
      • See the Jerusalem skyline,
      • Take incredible pictures with Judean Desert views,
      • Learn about the history of the yishuvim in the area.
    • Industry & Factory Tours-
      • Agricultural Rooftop – learn about the Israeli technology created to produce green rooftops.
      • MacMull Guitar Factory -learn about the guitar creation process, enjoy a guest guitar performance, play a musical game that is great for the whole family.
      • Techina & Halva Factory – Have you ever tasted the samples of halva in the shuk? Did you know that it is produced in Maale Adumim? They are currently working on a new visitors center so please check with Shelley if its available.
    • Castel Art Museum – A museum designed by David Resnick that features the work of Moshe Castel. Castel is one of Israel’s most famous artists who was trained in France. A shout out to my friend Eva Glettner who loved this museum and even went back twice on her last trip with her 13 year old.
    • Nature Hikes
      • Ein Prat
      • Wadi Qelt
      • Desert Walks
    • Mosaics & Good Samaritan Museum  –

      • Exhibits of ancient synagogue mosaics
      • Mosaic Workshops – hands on workshop for all ages
      • Mystery in the Monastery – a family scavenger hunt game

What does the future hold for Tourism in Adumim region?

Shelley believes that with her help the municipality will be able to encourage local factories with an incentive program to open more visitors center. Tourists will be excited to go on a behind the scenes tour of businesses in Israel, especially since the Adumim Commercial Zone hosts so many consumer friendly businesses.

Shelley has already brought over 2000 visitors to the Maale Adumim area and we know that this will continue to grow with Shelley’s active role in creating a tourist department.


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