Are you looking for a special souvenir from your trip to Israel or a special gift to give a Bar/Bat Mitzva? Mandy, from, is a talented artist who uses a mix of calligraphy, woodwork, parchment, and digital art to create pieces of art that you can enjoy hanging on the wall.

Each order is designed and crafted by hand. Meticulous care is taken in designing each piece, ensuring a unique product.

The wood is carefully chosen and prepared, so that when the final letters are placed on the parchment/paper the grain flows through. All the cut wood is hand sanded and varnished for a beautiful, smooth finish. The thickness of the wood, gives depth to each piece, bringing the artwork to life.

The use of the wood and parchment, together with the modern calligraphy, means that each finished product is truly unique, with a texture, shape and natural beauty all of its own.

Every piece is handmade, and limited edition prints are hand-finished.  Custom-made orders are available upon request, using any shade of wood and any color background.

Gift Ideas

  • Looking for a gift for parents who have everything? How about a piece of art they can hang on the wall with the names of all of their grandchildren and a well known pasuk that will be relevant to them.
  • Looking for a special Bar / Bat Mitzva gift? Using the teenager’s hobbies and interests, Mandy can create a unique gift they can hang on the wall in their rooms.

Take a look at the pictures tab to see all of the pieces of art that Mandy can create. All items are created and designed in Israel.

Contact - Mandy Broder

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