Aleh Boutique

Looking for the perfect souvenir from your trip to Israel or a Bar/Bat Mitzva gift with meaning?

At the ALEH Boutique you will find handmade crafts designed by the amazing kids of ALEH, Israel’s largest network of facilities for severely physically and cognitively disabled children.  ALEH’s kids design numerous items – from greeting cards to wall hangings to candle sticks – in their vocational workshops.  They are always thrilled – and feel empowered – when they know that their “works of art” are being put to good use.

ALEH is at the forefront of the movement to promote awareness and acceptance of Israel’s special needs population within the community at large, and (believe it or not) a small keepsake can actually make the difference in helping us reach our goal to enable each child, regardless of the severity of the disability, to realize his or her potential and live a quality life on par with the rest of society.

ALEH - Advancement and Rehabilitation of Children with Complex Disabilities- Fun in Jerusalem
HaRikma Street 9, Jerusalem, Israel

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