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Looking for a fun day to spend with the kids or just adults? Take an organized EZ Raider or Bike Tour of the neighborhood with Smart Tour.

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You may call it Rider but officially it’s known as an EZ Raider (designed and made in Israel). Forget everything you know about ATV’s. EZRAIDER is a new concept in off road mobility.  It’s a strong, lightweight, electric powered ATV for individuals that can handle any kind of terrain.

On an EZ Raider Tour you will combine a special attraction with fascinating explanations presented by guides regarding the history of the city.

Classic Tour – Old City: 1.5 hours

This tour will give you a glance of the special fusion of ancient and modern that is created in Jerusalem. You will get all of the interesting stories and unique perspectives as you glide with the EZ-Riders through the streets of Jerusalem. 

Tour Stops 

  • Yemin Moshe and Mishkenot Shaananim neighborhoods
  • the prestigious King David hotel
  • the 3 Arches hotel- former Jerusalem’s YMCA chapter
  • the Mamilla shopping center
  • the Tower of David
  • Jaffa Gate
  • IDF Square
  • & a quick visit to the Christian quarter of the Old City

Panoramic Tour – Armon HaNatziv Promenades: 1.5 hours

The Armon HaNatziv promenades are located on a ridge in the southern part of Jerusalem overlooking the beautiful skyline and sites of the holy basin. This tour is a perfect combination of fresh mountain air, the smell of pine trees and the most amazing views. Charismatic guides will add a few fascinating stories and explanations throughout the tour about the nostalgic views.

Tour Stops 

  • scenic view of the Old City of Jerusalem
  • the Temple Mount
  • the Kotel (Western Wall)
  • the City of David
  • Mount Scopus
  • Hebrew University
  • the Mount of Olives and much more…
  • On a clear day you can even see the Judean Desert!

If you love the bird’s-eye view and the open sky this tour is for you!


Smart Tour also offers bike rentals and bike tours leaving from the First Station. 

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