Jerusalem House of Quality Party Venue

Host your event at the unique Jerusalem Arts and Crafts center which has been the home for local artists for more than 50 years.

The building features a lovely outdoor courtyard in the style of an Arab khan (traveler’s inn), and an indoor Armenian ceramics room. The roof of the building features a stunning panoramic lookout of the city – enjoy a unique viewpoint of the Old City, the neighborhood of Yemin Moshe and more.

  • The Courtyard hosts 100 seated guests
  • The Indoor space hosts 70 seated guests
  • The Armenian Room hosts 8 seated guests
  • The roof is for panoramic observations

The center hosts private parties, weddings, cocktail parties, guided tours, conferences, events, and unique hands on artists workshops. The space is accessible and has air conditioning.

Among the services provided by the Jerusalem House of Quality venue…

  • Kosher Catering services – Meir Ben Ezra (Mehadrin)
  • Restaurant / Bar / Cafe service
  • Exhibit space
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • For conferences & events – Projector & Whiteboard
Jerusalem House of Quality
Hebron Rd 12

Party Request - Jerusalem House of Quality

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