Jerusalem in 2020

This post is like opening a time capsule for Fun In Jerusalem. Which predictions came through and which ones are we still waiting to see?

In honor of Jerusalem Day, I wrote an article in the In Jerusalem section of the Jerusalem Post called 2020 vision. I wrote this article in 2015. 

The article is a fictional story of a family day out in Jerusalem in 2020. The story follows a family who come in to Jerusalem on the fast train (28 minutes) to enjoy all of the new attractions and activities in Jerusalem.

The attractions mentioned in the story are all based on an interview that I had with Ilanit Melchior the Tourism Director of the Jerusalem Development Authority. Ilanit together with Mayor Nir Barkat has spent the last 5 years working with marketing professors Michael Porter and Richard Florida to create a strategic plan for growing Jerusalem’s industries; tourism, biotech , high tech, academia and health. In 2020 the future Jerusalem will be the thriving capital of the State of Israel.

Additions to the tourism industry in Jerusalem will include a new Museum Row, which will connect Jerusalem’s landmark museums, Knesset, Supreme Court and new National Library using parks, paths, galleries and cafes. It will also include a vibrant Shuk and downtown Jerusalem which will be a hub of culture with theaters, galleries, coffee shops and lots of events. The most exciting addition will be a cable car to the Old City from First Station, an Old City Tourist Train and a large Ferris Wheel with a view of the whole city.

The new Kids Station at First Station will also become a hub of fun in the city with an old fashioned carousel and a modern rock wall for climbing to see the views.

The Jerusalem 2020 plan is a strategic way to grow the city. With Mayor Barkat’s 2020 vision, Jerusalem will continue to grow and succeed as a great family travel destination, high tech hub, a great place to attend university, a center of medical advancement while still retaining its historical and religious significance.

What else would you like to see in Jerusalem in 2020?

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