Hurva Synagogue Tour

Standing tall in the center of the Jewish Quarter is the newly restored Hurva Synagogue. The building is beautiful and plays an important role in the story of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City.

The synagogue was first built in 1700 by followers of Rabbi Judah, burned in 1720 and destroyed to the ground. It was re-established in 1864 and became a symbol of community renewal in Israel. The synagogue was destroyed again in 1948 by the Jordanians who knew perfectly well what the structure and of the destruction of Jerusalem to Judaism sought to say there will not be more Jewish presence in the city. In 1973, the Jewish quarter returned to the State of Israel, established a temporary memorial arch over the ruins of the synagogue, and became a symbol of community renewal in the Jewish Quarter.

Family Tours of the Hurva

Take a tour of the synagogue with a guide from the Jewish Quarter Tourism. You will be able to look into the main sanctuary and then the archaeological finds in the basement. Then you will climb the stairs to the women’s gallery to learn the history of the founders of the synagogue and those who paid to restore it. Then climb up to the roof to see an incredible view of the Old City, Temple Mount and a special feature of the ceiling of the Hurva.

Learn about the architecture, the people involved in the synagogue, the community that has lived there through the years and Jerusalem’s history when you take a guided tour of the Hurva Synagogue.

Bar Mitzva at the Hurva

Bar Mitzvas take place before 10:00am each morning and must be reserved through the office. There is an option for light refreshments but there is no space for a catered meal or a large party.

Bar Mitzvah package includes:

-A Siddur of the Hurva Synagogue.
-Certificate of the Hurva Synagogue.
– 2 tables and hot plate in the Cardo, buffet style. (Not including refreshments, the place is open to external visitors).

Rental Hours:  8: 50am-10: 30am.

Hurva Synagogue
Ha-Yehudim street, Jerusalem

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