Horseback Riding Lessons (Chugim)


Give your child a unique opportunity to ride horseback in the Jerusalem Hills just outside Jerusalem. King David Riding Stables offers chugim (after school classes) for experienced and inexperienced riders. Taught by trained teachers who have been working at the family run stables for many years.

Lessons include riding, horse care & grooming, basic veterinary science, horse training, archery, lasso throwing and more.

Horseback riding lessons at King David Stables will do the following for your children…

  • instill sportsmanlike qualities
  • develop an affinity for animals
  • strengthen self-confidence
  • provide a source of pride
  • establish a sense of belonging to a place of unique and quality atmosphere

The program is adapted to each participant according to his/her age and riding ability. The younger children begin riding on ponies and progress gradually to larger horses.

Class Options:
Private: 45 minute lesson, once a week
Group: 60 minute lesson, once a week in the appropriate group (depending on age and riding ability)

King David Stables is located in a yishuv called Yad Shmona just a 15 minute drive outside of Jerusalem off Route 1.


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FIJ Tips

King David Stables also offers a great summer camp and pre-pesach camp. My son loved learning to ride a horse, how to take care of the horse, archery and lassoing.


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Venue: King David Stables

Address: Yad Hashmona
Yad Hashmona, Israel
Neighborhood: Yad Hashmona
Transportation: Superbus #185
Parking: Free Parking Lot