Behind the Scenes of the Exotic Biblical Dinner – Bite Size

When I heard that the Exotic Biblical Dinner will take place at the Biblical Museum of Natural History on October 13th, 2016 I knew I wanted to hear more about it.

Who is planning this exciting Biblical Dinner? What will they serve? How did Chef Moshe Basson get involved in creating the dishes? What is the Biblical Museum of Natural History? Why is Rabbi Slifkin known as the Zoo Rabbi?

Find out the answers to these questions and get a sneak peek at the possible dishes on the menu, when you listen to my interview with Rabbi Dr. Natan Slifkin and Chef Moshe Basson.

Last week, I sat down with Rabbi Slifkin and Chef Basson at the Eucalyptus Restaurant in Jerusalem to listen in on their plans as they were choosing the menu. Perks of the job – I also got to enjoy a tasting!

Hear my full interview on Bite Size with Yoni Pollak which aired on September 28, 2016 on the Nahum Segal Network (interviews begin 12 minutes into the show).

Behind the Scenes of the Interview:

As I spoke to Rabbi Slifkin about the details of the upcoming Exotic Biblical Dinner, the chefs at Eucalyptus continued to bring out different courses for us to try. As the Red Lentil soup was served, Rabbi Slifkin told the story of Esav and how he sold his birthright for soup enhancing the story with some midrashim about the color of the lentils.

I am not a food critic, but I can tell you that the dishes were incredible. The Pomegranate chicken was served on a pomegranate branch used as a skewer to add more flavor. The liver pate was served on a freshly baked macaron cookie.

The hardest part of the interview was catching Chef Moshe Basson as he greeted his guests. Eucalyptus is one of Jerusalem’s most well known restaurants and Chef Moshe Basson goes over to each table at the restaurant and treats everyone as his own personal guest. While we spoke, he picked fresh herbs from the restaurants herb garden for us to smell and entertained us with stories about what inspired him to create Biblical dishes. Eucalyptus is an incredible culinary experience.

For listeners and readers who who will not be able to attend the Exotic Biblical Dinner – make sure to put the Biblical Museum of Natural History & Eucalyptus restaurant on your next trip’s itinerary.

Contact the Biblical Museum of Natural History for more info.

One thing is for sure…I hope all my future interviews taste this good.


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