Hanukkah Tours in Adumim

Shelley from Tour Adumim will take your family on an exciting tour including unique activities and family workshops. Plan in advance and contact Shelley to create the perfect tour for you.

Choose from the following activities:

  • Sit-down with local Beduin on hilltop overlooking Judean Desert
  • Tour of Good Samaritan Mosaics Museum, mosaic making for children
  • Visit to Mitzpe Yericho Lookout
  • Participate in a Mezuzah Making Workshop
  • Excursions – ATV or jeeping in the Judean Desert
  • “Get to Know an Israeli Artist” at the Moshe Castel Museum of Art with scavenger hunt and writing in ancient Hebrew.
  • Camel riding in Judean Desert
  • Participate in fun family workshops: “Desert Survival Skills”: or “Shepherding Skills 101”
  • Hear an amazing Ethiopian Aliyah story
  • Explore and eat lunch at the new luxurious DCity
  • Honey Making Workshop at the Eitan Mechina

Fun for the whole family!

Hanukkah reservations - Adumim

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