Summer at Bloomfield Science Museum

The Bloomfield Science Museum has an amazing summer exhibit.

GUT FEELING is the incredible story of the digestive system!

It’s an experiential journey within your digestive system, tracing a path that begins at the mouth and winds its way through the intestines. Just as food undergoes a transformative process within the digestive system, you can enter the exhibition through the mouth and emerge… well, come and see for yourselves!

The new exhibition spans over 600 square meters and features dozens of interactive exhibits, videos, graphic panels, and more.

The “Gut Feeling” exhibition has made its way to Jerusalem all the way from the renowned Science Museum in Paris, where it captivated tens of thousands of visitors. The exhibition takes inspiration from the international best-selling book “Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ,” written by Giulia Enders and illustrated by Jill Enders. The book has been translated into 40 languages.

Activities for Kids & Families

“Inside the Tummy” – An immersive experience designed for young children: Through hands-on activities, we will introduce them to our digestive system and uncover a fascinating world of tiny organisms that reside within, influencing our health, behavior, and overall well-being. Suitable for children aged 4-7.

“Belly Folds” – A hands-on construction workshop: Using origami techniques, participants can create their own digestive system with a personal touch.

“Easy Digestion” – An interactive demonstration showcasing the captivating journey of food from the moment it enters the mouth, through the stages of breakdown and processing, until its ultimate exit.

Guided tours for the entire family throughout the exhibition.

“Science in the Kitchen” – A brand-new show created by Dr. Molecule. Discover how to transform your kitchen into a laboratory and your laboratory into a kitchen! Using common household ingredients, this eccentric scientist will mix potions, launch rockets, create explosive experiments, and concoct mind-boggling creations. The show encourages audience participation and will be running throughout the month of July.

Storytime on Tuesday afternoons: “Bacteria Galore by Sunday at Four” by microbiology expert Professor Mel Rosenberg Nevo. This humorous and enthralling book delves into the world of bacteria. What exactly is a bacterium? Where can it be found? And how was it discovered? This activity will take place throughout the month of July.

Show: “The Sweaters” – A group of eccentric fitness trainers will demonstrate the art of proper exercise. A show is for the whole family that will take place throughout the month of August. Duration: 30 minutes.



Bloomfield Science Museum- Fun in JerusalemBloomfield Science Museum- Fun in JerusalemBloomfield Science Museum- Fun in JerusalemBloomfield Science Museum- Fun in JerusalemBloomfield Science Museum- Fun in Jerusalem
Bloomfield Science Museum
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