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The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem is an interactive and educational museum that makes science and technology fun for the whole family. They have ongoing exhibits, special workshops and shows. Call ahead to confirm the schedule of events for the day.

When I took my kids there my son told me “I don’t want to stay here the whole afternoon…I want to stay here the whole day!” All of the exhibits are fun and exciting and they encourage the children to interact with them.

There are so many exhibitions, but here are some of our favorites.

Time to Move Exhibition

A new rowing section has just opened, adding another dimension to this exhibition which invites you to stretch, warm up and get moving!  Use science to examine the limits of body and sports.  Bring your whole family to the most energetic exhibition around and prepare to be amazed.

Light Villain: An interactive exhibition

Create a spectacular music and light show with the help of 24 laser beams.

In light of electricity

What is electricity? How is it produced? And what is the connection between electricity and magnetism? The exhibition gives a glimpse into the hidden world beyond our wall sockets.

Fields of Tomorrow

Learn about agricultural technology and how it helps modern farmers grow their crops.


What do we really know about computers? Are they really so clever? The exhibit explores the ways in which the computer has influenced our lives and the extent to which it has (or has not) changed the world.


Illusions are surprising, intriguing, and fun. They also give us a peek into the amazing principles that determine how our brain works. The exhibit displays examples of many illusions and how they affect us and our way of perception.

Bloomfield Science Museum- Fun in JerusalemBloomfield Science Museum- Fun in JerusalemBloomfield Science Museum- Fun in JerusalemBloomfield Science Museum- Fun in JerusalemBloomfield Science Museum- Fun in Jerusalem
Bloomfield Science Museum
Sderot HaMuze'onim 3, Givat Raam, Jerusalem

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