Jerusalem Ropes Course Hanukkah

Spend Hanukkah Vacation with your kids at one of Jerusalem’s historic sites. In one activity you can combine learning about the historic site, the battle for Jerusalem that took place there and some fun adventure activities based on COURAGE, BRAVERY, & LEADERSHIP.

Ropes course stations include an omega zipline, rope ladder, skyswing, wall climbing, rappelling and more. Contact us for more details. Ropes Course stations are for ages 6+.  

Ask us about adding on an interactive guided tour of Ammunition Hill in English + 3d audio visual display.

Ammunition Hill Safety – Ammunition Hill is a gated outdoor museum with security near Ramat Eshkol. There is free parking outside and paid street parking.

Ammunition Hill
Shlomo Zalman Shragai Street 5, Jerusalem

Hanukkah Reservations - Ropes Course

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