Snappling / Rappelling in Jerusalem

Are your kids climbing the walls at home or in the hotel? Then let Challenge Tours take them rappelling down the walls of the Old City or Gei Ben Hinom.

Challenge tours can offer unique “chavayot” (experiences) in Jerusalem. Rappel off the side of the cliff in Gei Ben Hinom with the view of the Old City or down the actual Old City Walls. Yaakov, your guide is Israel’s Rock Climbing Champion and he knows how to make the experience enjoyable for a variety of ages.

Yaakov provides all the necessary equipment & instruction. Younger kids can rappel with him down the walls.

This is a great family activity and it takes 2 hours.

Activity locations:

Gei Ben Hinom, Ammunition Hill, Old City Walls

Build Your Own Ninja Warrior Course at Home

The perfect backyard addition to help your entire family have fun and increase your fitness in your own backyard.

Yaacov Goory a former Ninja Warrior Israel contestant can customize a course for you. Choose from a list of Ninja challenges and Yaakov will add them to your course.  Includes a training class with Yaakov.

Built with necessary safety precautions. Available anywhere in Israel. Contact Yaakov for pricing.

Gei Ben Hinom st, Jerusalem

Reservations - Snappling

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