Jerusalem Mountains Jeep Tour

Join Hidden Valley Jeeping and Trekking this Pesach, on an exciting trip into the desert and the areas around Jerusalem. The team are all licensed tour guides who have lived and breathed the land all their lives! This is a really great tour for all ages.

Od yishama be’arey Yehuda – The Jerusalem Mountains Tour: (in a closed jeep that seats 6-8)

Tour the beautiful nature of the Judaean mountains between ranges and riverbeds, visit ancient ruins, cross roads and be impressed by agriculture of biblical times.

Every season, nature changes – in the spring some of the most beautiful flowers that can be seen in the country bloom, in summer wild fruits such as figs, prickly pears and wild berries ripen, wild animals cross our way along with the migration of birds and remote springs throughout the year.

At special viewpoints you’ll learn about the geopolitical complexity, see sunsets, sunrises and breathe the mountain air.

Painting in Nature

A special new tour for families who would like to learn how to paint while being inspired by nature. Click here for more information, or ask the team.

Book A Private Jeep Tour: Hidden Valley also has Jeeping and trekking tours into the Ella Valley, Masada, Ein Gedi and Dead sea areas. Here’s a sneak-peak of some of the breathtaking backdrops en route.  Tours run from Sunday – Friday.

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